Spòrs Gàidhlig and COVID-19

Spòrs Gàidhlig will follow all advice issued by the Scottish Government with regards to gatherings of people, camps and events.  We also work closely with schools and local authorities and will ensure we follow their advice. 


At the current moment, we are not deliverying activities or offering Gaelic residentials. This will remain the situation until at least the 13th of June we think. We are still open and working from home and you can contact us at fios@spors.scot and through our Facebook page.  


If schools close or the Government issues advice and direction against public gatherings, we will follow that advice. 


We still hope that our summer camps programme will go ahead (Campa Sradagan x2 and Campa Fhèis Spòrs) although at this moment, we can't be sure. There are still places available on all of these camps and more and we will refund in full any fees paid if the events do not take place.  


In the meantime, we do understand the concern of children, parents, schools and communities. We must all work together in this situation and we will update this page. our Facebook page and our Twitter feed as the situation develops. 


Take care and look after everyone!


Development Plan

Developing the capacity to deliver genuine Gaelic medium services to young people is a key objective of Spòrs Gàidhlig. We will do this by training Gaelic speakers in various activities and provide them with the support to enable them to deliver activities in Gaelic and English to the same standard.  

Our development plan will require grant support and we are in discussions with key funders in order to submit applications and hopefully access funding which allows us to train Gaelic speakers with a passion for working with young people and outdoor education. 

If Gaelic speaking children are to be confident in their language, they must have access to services which are equally good as those through the medium of English. Spòrs Gàidhlig will offer those services and encourage all to take an active interest in Gaelic. 

A key issue facing any organisation which would like to offer Gaelic outdoor education is the lack of instructors with facility in the language. We are committed to addressing this issue and will work with partners to train, encourage and equip leaders and instructors to be able to provide activities and confident in Gaelic delivery.  

Our action plan involves encouraging and training young adults to become leaders. We will do this through a introductory course followed by a years instructor development programme. Both of these will be delivered in partnership with a key training organisation with many years experience in this field.  

Once the new capacity, the new instructors, has been created, Spòrs Gàidhlig will operate on a commercial basis selling its services to schools and others who require outdoor education and other programmes. 



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