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The John Muir Award at Spòrs Gàidhlig allows young people to take part in an exciting programme through the medium of Gàidhlig and achieve a recognised award.  The award is based upon young people choosing a wild place and then exploring, conserving and sharing that place with others.  

With our award, each local group chooses an area and then visits that area over a period of months. They take part in workshops and sessions on environmental themes, the landscape, activities, place-names, bush craft and sharing their knowledge.  It's a lot of fun!.  

We will be offering all three levels of John Muir Award in 2016: Discoverer, Explorer and Conserver.  


Four Challenges lie at the heart of the John Muir Award

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Discover a wild place


Explore it


Conserve it


Share your experiences

This can be school/centre grounds, local park, beach, woods, river, mountain or national park. Do things to increase awareness and understanding. Experience, enjoy and find out more about your wild place(s). Take some practical action and personal responsibility.  Let others know about them, what’s been achieved, what’s been learned.  

Our programme is in two parts:

Camara GlacaidhLocal Programme - 6-8 sessions, depending on level of award. Sessions include wildlife, trees, environmentmal surveys, place-names, outdoor activities and a residential.  The team then shares their new knowledge with peers in school or in a local primary school. 

We use camera traps in each area so that we can conduct an audit of the wildlife in the area. It's great fun and interesting to take the cameras in each week and see what pictures they have recorded! To date, we have seen otters, deer, foxes, slugs, pine martens, lots of bird life, bats, rats, mice, eagles, buzzards and a few others.  

In addition to learning about these subjects, we also aim to deliver significant personal development and enhance skills such as leadership and presenting. The Spòrs team is committed to supporting the young people at every stage.   

Buidheann Iain Muir 2012The National Camp - 

Once the local programmes are complete, each group travels to the national event at an outdoor centre or hostel. In 2012 we were at Tulloch in Lochaber, 2013 Tiree.2014 Applecross and 2015 in Tomintoul. Each groups presents their local achievements to the other groups as well as taking part in workshops and environmental themed sessions. We also have a challenge day where each group competes against the others. It's all great fun!  There is also a non-John Muir Award fun event just to mix it all up.  

On completion of the programme each participant is awarded the John Muir Award- an award recognised by schools, universities, employers and other groups. 

We place some emphasis on the Scottish Wildcat. They are rare and real need of active support. Some would say that there are similarities between the wildcat and the situation of Gaelic.  


The third level - Conserver Award

Participants are required to take full responsibility for their Conserver Award. We will support you but you have to prepare your own proposal (plan) and a good part of the programme should be completed in your own time. It's a big challenge but a lot of fun and we will support you all the way. 

The three levels of the John Muir Award:

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