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Spòrs Gàidhlig,

Glenmore Lodge, Aviemore,
Inverness-shire, Scotland, PH22 1QZ

T: 01463-234138
E: fios@spors.scot


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This page provides information on all aspects of Spòrs Gàidhlig. Click on the headings below to be taken to the relevant section. 


Our staff are the core of Spòrs Gàidhlig. We speak Gaelic and use the language in the organisation. We also speak English also!. In addition to fluency in the language, our team are professional, experienced, qualified and dedicated to providing more opportunities for young people to use Gaelic. All of our staff are members of the Protection of Vulnerable Groups Scheme (PVG). 

We sometimes use freelance instructors if we are unable to staff an event ourselves due to large numbers. All freelancers have to complete our induction procedure which includes learning some Gaelic and understanding the context of the language. 

Safety Management

Safety and wellbeing is at the heart of our activities, our staff and our culture. We are licensed by the Adventure Activities Licensing Authority (licence L14127 and organisation R2469) and our instructors are professionally trained to deliver each activity. We are insured by AIM (Activities Industry Mutual).

We operate a safety management system with our standard operating procedures, risk assessments and staff management procedures guiding everything we do. We also maintain an up to date venue guide that allows us to operate throughout Scotland.

Each activity has a defined ratio of instructor/leader to participants and these vary depending on the activity itself, the group and the prevailing conditions.

Our safeguaring procedures are robust and we undertake child protection training on a regular basis. Our pastoral care is excellent and we are experienced in supporting young people in new environments. All of our staff are members of the PVG scheme (Protectional of Vulnerable Groups, the new “disclosure” scheme).


Outdoor learning complements learning in the school and to the development of young people. Our activities are linked to the Curriculum for Excellence at Experience & Outcome levels and/or Benchmarks. We are able to link our activities and programmes to curricular areas or with other priorities such as personal confidence and challenge. If required, we can provide evidence of achievment for a school which shows how a young people has met a certain level. 

The Curriculum for Excellence

  • Activities linked to the Benchmarks and Experiences & Outcomes
  • Our programmes offer challenge and depth
  • The Pupil Equity Fund can be use with Spòrs Gàidhlig

Outdoor learning for schools and young people

  • Learning linked to the curriculum
  • Standalone activities or with specific aims
  • Language, culture, environment & history
  • Teamwork, confidence and communication
  • Services in Gaelic, for learners or suitable for those new to the language.

We can work with schools where Gaelic is not a major feature of the school environment. 

Schools with Gaelic - Close to, or fluent speakers. This may be through Gaelic Medium Education or through home learning. 

Gaelic Learners - Young people learning Gaelic in primary or secondary education This could be through GLPS, Go Gaelic or another learning model. 

Sgoilearan aig nach eil a' Ghàidhlig - Tha sinn comasach air diofar phrògraman a thabhann air sgoiltean agus blasad Gàidhlig a thoirt seachad aig an aon àm.   Tha sinn gu mòr airson obrachadh le sgoiltean le ùidh sa Ghàidhlig ach aig nach eil an cothrom. Thèid againn air prògraman a thabhann le blasad Gàidhlig a tha spòrsail aig an aon àm. 


Tha a’ Ghàidhlig aig cridhe Spòrs Gàidhlig agus ni sinn a h-uile oidhirp gus an cànan a neartachadh aig an òigridh. Bidh sinn a’ cur fàilte air luchd-ionnsachaidh agus air sgoilearan nach eil eòlach air a’ Ghàidhlig ann an dòigh sam bith.

Tha Spòrs Gàidhlig dà-chànanach - ‘S urrainn dhuinn gach cur-seachad, prògram agus an seirbheis air fad, a dhèanamh sa Ghàidhlig. Tha sinn a’ tuigsinn suidheachadh nan sgoiltean agus nan tidsearan. Le luchd-obrach dà-chànanach, thèid againn air an t-seirbheis a lìbhrigeadh ann an Gàidhlig no Beurla. Tro chur-seachadan, gabhaidh inntrigeadh don Ghàidhlig a thabhann.

Dùbhlain le spòrs! Tha cur-seachadan agus prògraman spòrsail againn. Bidh sinn a’ ceangal Gàidhlig agus spòrs ann an suidheachaidhean dàna, sàbhailte agus spòrsail.


Fois-inntinn, tha e cudromach nuair a tha ur pàiste air falbh aig campa no a' gabhail pàirt ann an cur-seachadan. Tha sgioba Spòrs Gàidhlig eòlach air obair òigridh ann an diofar cho-theacsan, a bharrachd air cur-seachadan fhèrin, agus a' tuigsinn gu bheil dùbhlain agus suidheachaidhean ùra a' toirt buaidh ann an diofar dhòighean. 

Tha sàbhailteachd agus cùram aig cridhe ar cultar-obrach agus le eòlas air diofar fheumalachdan, thèid againn air taic a chumail ris a' mhòr-chuid de chloinn. Tha sinn gu math eòlach air siubhal a chur air dòigh agus air comhdhail poblach. Tha seo a' toirt a-steach aiseagan far a bheil deagh chuid den òigridh le Gàidhlig a' fuireach.

'S e ceann-uidhe aig Spòrs Gàidhlig a bhith tabhann chothroman agus chur-seachadan do dh'òigridh ann an suidheachadh spòrsail agus taiceil. 

Tha sinn a' tuigsinn, agus tha deagh eòlas againn, ann a bhith cruthachadh àrainneachd Ghàidhlig do'òigridh. Tha an t-eòlas againn a' ciallachadh gu bheil sinn cruthachadh chur-seachadan a tha freagarrach agus gus an òigridh a bhrosnachadh gus luach a chur sa chànan.  

Tha Spòrs Gàidhlig na chompanaidh fa-leth aig Comunn na Gàidhlig. 


Tha uidheamachd profaiseanta againn le siostaman làidir airson sgrùdadh agus coimhead as a dèidh. 

  • Sgithean, bòtanan agus maidean
  • Seacaidean aotramachd
  • Deisean-fliuche
  • Clogaidean; rothair, claiseachd, sgitheadh agus sreap
  • Ropan
  • Aodach

Spòrs Gàidhlig is fully bilingual and able to deliver in Gaelic or English. Spörs Gàidhlig is an outdoor activities and educational programme provider dedicated to providing opoortunities for young people to engage with and use Gaelic. We are fully bilingual and experienced in working with schools and youth groups. We can tailor your experience to your needs. 

Our aim is to support and develop young people with Gaelic and introduce those new to the language.  

Schools with no Gaelic - the majority of schools do not offer Gaelic as a subject or a medium through which to learn. We can offer activities and programmes which introduce the language to the total beginner. Before you come, we can help you introduce the language through our dedicated educational resources. Introducing Gaelic works well with topics such as Scottish history, geography, languages, landscape and land use, place-names and geology. An example might be the use of Mapland Scotland which not only introduces the language but also provides many other opportunities for learning.  

Gaelic learners - We can help support your learners by offering our activities at a level appropriate to learners of Gaelic. Our activities and programmes can be tailored to meet the needs of primary and secondary learning.

Gaelic speakers - We can offer all of our activities through the medium of Gaelic. We are expereinced in working with schools where Gaelic is used as the main language including primary and secondary education.

We will tailor our language use to your needs. You might be doing Go Gaelic or GLPS as part of 1+2 or using another methods. Those new to the language can be introduced in a supportive and fun environment. 

Spòrs Gàidhlig is able to deliver activities in Gaelic or English.  We are fully bilingual and experienced in working with schools and youth groups.  We can tailor your experience for your needs. 

Schools with no Gaelic - the majority of schools do not offer Gaelic as a subject or a medium to learn. We can offer activities and programmes which fit the needs of schools and introduce the language to young people. Before you come, we can help you introduce the language through our dedicated education resources. An introduction to Gaelic could be as simple as a few phrases and landscape terms with the rest concentrating on the activities themselves. Introducing Gaelic works well with topics such as Scottish history, geography, languages, land issues and environmental subjects.  

Gaelic learners - We can help support your learners by offering our activities at a level appropriate to learners of Gaelic. Our activities and programmes can be tailored to meet the needs of primary school learning and secondary. We are able to adjust the level of Gaelic  for the group and will discuss how this is done prior to the activity taking place.  

Learners are often highly motivated but lack opportunity to use the language. We can offer exciting, safe and educational setting to develop Gaelic understanding and facility.  

Gaelic speakers - We can offer all of our activities through the medium of Gaelic. We have long experience in working with schools where Gaelic is used as the main language. This includes primary and secondary education. We understand how to encourage young people to use Gaelic and support them with vocabularly and use of the language. Working with Spòrs Gàidhlig will mean that Gaelic is anchored in positive and exciting activities.  

You can support Spòrs Gàidhlig in various ways and we are always keen to hear from those who can bring practical knowledge to the movement. This might be skills you have through professional experience, a hobby or pastime or a general enthusiams to see young people using Gaelic. 

Our priority currently is to purchase a minibus for youth work. Find our more at Minibus fundraising appeal

Fundraising is a priority for us and critical if we are to create a viable pool of Gaelic speaking instructors and leaders able to deliver activities to the young people of Scotland.  We are currently raising funds for a minibus and also for our main capacity building project which will train new leaders who will be able to offer additional activities through Gaelic. 

If you are interested in offering advice and support on activities and safety management then we would be delighted to hear from you. You could assist in staff training or advise on procedures for a new activity. 

Those with skills in marketing could assist with spreading the message and ensuring that more schools and young people can access Gaelic opportunities. 

Political support is also necessary so that Spòrs Gàidhlig can grow and government at all levels understands that by supporting opportunities for young people to use Gaelic also supports delivery of the National Gaelic Language Plan and other Gaelic Language Plan. 

Please get in contact if you can help in any way. 

Our objective is to provide fun and engaging opportunities for young people in a supportive Gaelic environment. All of our staff and at Comunn na Gàidhlig speak Gaelic. 

We understand and are experienced in the creation of a Gaelic language environment that is appropriate to the young person. We know how to support young people to use the Gaelic they have and how to manage an activity to encourage all to place value in the language. 

Our safety management procedures are robust and we use qualified staff where appropriate. Sometimes we use the services of third parties and we always ensure that standards are adhered to. 

Our parent organisation, Comunn na Gàidhlig, has many years of experience of organising youth camps and activities. Both CnaG and Spòrs Gàidhlig work to the same high standards whilst remaining flexible and responsive to the situations of parents and guardians. 

We are experienced in organisation of travel to and from events and understand the public transport system in Scotland. This includes ferries to the from the islands where many Gaelic speaking children live. Often we will provide an escorted travel option as part of our events. 

Spòrs Gàidhlig will work in partnership with schools throughout Scotland. Our activities, camps and programmes provide opportunities for pupils to use Gaelic and learn more about various curricular elements in a supportive and positive environment. 

Many of our events and programmes are based around the key elements of the Curriculum for Excellence and offer considerable opportunity for learners to challenge themselves and learn more.  

We aim to work with three key user groups:

Gaelic speaking young people - Those who are fluent or close to fluency. This might be through Gaelic in the home or by attending a Gaelic medium school or unit. 

Gaelic learners - Those learning the language at both primary and secondary levels. This could be through GLPS, Gaelic as a second language or taster sessions. 

Those not engaged with Gaelic - Everyone else! We are very keen to work with schools who might like an event with a Gaelic flavour. Participants would have the added advantage of an introduction to Gaelic in a supportive and fun setting. 

Safety management

We operate within all current legislation and within the guidance of local authorities. Spòrs Gàidhlig's parent organisation, Comunn na Gàidhlig, has a strong track record in delivering programmes and events in partnership with schools and local authorities. 

All of our staff are trained in child protection and members of the PVG Scheme (Protection of Vulnerable Groups). This means they have all gone through a disclosure application. 

Our child protection policy is comprehensive and our maximum leader:participant ratio is 1:10. 

For activities such as skiing, bushcraft, cycling and others, we always use qualified staff who have achieved a recognised national government body award in the relevant discipline. 


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